Farming in a pandemic

Farmers are vital to food security and to the resiliency of food systems in the Columbia Basin. The pandemic has disrupted food systems around the world and continues to randomly affect supply chains – the longer they are, the more vulnerable they are to disruption. This is why the Food Policy Council has devoted considerable time and attention to connecting with farmers and food producers across the Columbia Basin since March 2020 in order to learn together how to best navigate the challenges posed by the pandemic and to make the most of the increased interest in local food.

In order for us to make best use of our resources and to advocate for increased support for food providers in our region, we would like to hear how your 2020 season went and what you are expecting and planning for in the year ahead.

Results of this survey will inform a Food Security Action Plan for the Regional District of Central Kootenay. Further analysis will be undertaken in collaboration with partners at the Rural Development Institute, Kootenay Boundary Farm Advisors, and the Basin Business Advisors. The insights from our analysis will be shared with governing and funding bodies in order to drive measures to strengthen food economies and enhance opportunities for food producers in the Columbia Basin.

Please take this survey before the end of February. We will not publish your name or information that will identify your particular business, but will use the information you provide to guide our efforts to help to build a more robust and resilient food system in our region.

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