Past Council Members

Chelsey Jones
Sectors: Community Food Initiatives, Economic Development, Restaurant.
Location: Meadow Creek
Term: 2018-2020
Bio: Chelsey Jones is mother of 2 young boys and an outdoor adventure and nature enthusiast pursuing her dream to homestead and live sustainably in a vibrant community. Amidst mothering, gardening and adventuring, Chelsey works as the General Administrator for the Lardeau Valley Opportunity LINKS Society. Whenever possible, she sources food for herself and family locally, from her own garden and the many Lardeau Valley food producers / providers. She does this from a deep concern about sustainable food practices and the global environment, and to support the local economy. She seeks to reduce her footprint and contribution to an import/export global food economy, which she views as unstable and environmentally and socially harmful. In addition, Chelsey feels that the healthiest way for her and her family to eat is fresh and local foods which she knows the source of. Chelsey strives to make choices of integrity while having fun and enjoying life … and good food!

Kim Charlesworth
Sectors: Economic Development, Community Food Initiatives, Distributors, Homesteading.
Location: Nelson
Term: 2017-2019
Bio: Kim practiced law in Nova Scotia briefly before moving to BC in 1996 where she began work for the Federal Government. She moved to Nelson in 2003 and was on Nelson City Council from 2008-2011. Kim joined the Nelson Food Cupboard in 2013 and led the development of a 4000 square foot garden which has created an opportunity for those living in poverty to learn new skills and participate in their own food security. In 2013 Kim brought together a group of people and led the development of the Kootenay Boundary Food Producers Cop, which has just completed its second year of operations, dealing first hand with the issues facing small farmers in our region. She will be the Green Party representative for Nelson-Creston in the May 2017 Provincial election.

Lana Braun
Sector: Farmer, Processor, Environment
Location: Area H
Term: 2017-2019
Bio: Lana was born and raised in the kootenays, leaving for university after high school, receiving a BSC in geography. Lana’s roots here are strong with many family members living here currently and historically her grandparents had a dairy farm in the Slocan Valley. Lana spent 20 as a civil servant years working in the NWT and Alberta. She held roles including ecosystem scientist, regional planner, and regional manager of landscape analysis and the senior manager of the geographic information office (GIO) for Alberta Environment. In 2014 Lana moved back home to the kootenays and, with her husband, purchased a farm in the Slocan valley. Their farm is certified organic and they grow food to produce value added products and cut flowers.

Nicole Hergert
Sector: Youth, Community Food Initiatives
Location: Castlegar
Term: 2018-2020
Bio: Nicole Hergert has lived in Castlegar for almost 4 years. While parenting 2 small children she has revived the Kootenay Food Strategy Society and is sparking conversations about food security in the city. Her education and experience as a community animator and organizer has helped to build trust for the KFSS and ignite a passion for local food systems in the Castlegar area. A masters in social development and over 10 years in the field means she has the knowledge and experience to facilitate partnerships, understand social networks and leverage important relationships. Her passion for local accessible food and for the importance of food production education in Castlegar have created significant relationships with a multitude of potential partners in many sectors. Her skill is in bring these groups together and finding ways to work together toward a common goal.

Sangita Sudan
Sector: RDCK – Local Government
Location: Regional
Bio: Sangita Sudan has been a planner for 16 years.  During this time she was a provincial Land and Resource Planner until 2010 at which time she joined the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK).  In her current role Sangita is the General Manager of Development Services where she oversees the operations of several services: land use planning, geospatial information services, community sustainability, building inspection, bylaw enforcement and a conservation service.  Sangita believes in collaboration and with this mindset has had success in developing partnerships and organizations with First Nations and multi stakeholder involvement.  Some notable examples include the Kootenay Lake Partnership, Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship Society and most recently the Central Kootenay Food Policy Council.  She also loves to garden, forage in the woods and cook.

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