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The Central Kootenay Food Policy Council brings people, ideas and information together to build a food secure region with a vibrant, resilient and just regional food system.

Nelson Farmers' Market

We coordinate information sharing and networking groups for food systems organizations in the region, provide public education on the local and global food system, undertake local food systems research projects, manage the regional Farm & Food Directory and a regional food distribution map, and make policy recommendations that enhance the vibrancy and resiliency of the food system in the Central Kootenay.

The Food Policy Council’s geographical scope includes both municipal and rural areas within the Regional District of Central Kootenay. The regional scope is especially important in food-systems related research and decision-making, as a food system is an interconnected web of people and businesses throughout a large area. The activities of our regional food system include production (fishing, farming, gardening and hunting), processing (personal or commercial), distribution, access (generally through grocers, markets, direct from the producer, emergency food providers), consumption and food waste.

The Council reflects the diverse regions and population of the Central Kootenay. Each Council member serves as a vital conduit for information exchange between their respective sector and community and the Food Policy Council. With Council members that reside across the region and that are engaged in many facets of our food system, our collective relationships, knowledge and experience help identify and create solutions that are not possible alone.

The Council meets 5 – 6 times per year and the meetings are open to the general public. We have an Executive Committee who meet in the months between full Council meetings and oversee the work of the Executive Director. Our AGM is held in the spring and is hosted at various locations across the region (when possible to meet in person).

We know that when you bring intelligent, caring and passionate people to a table, great things will happen – especially if there is food involved! If you are interested in serving on the Council, please contact us.

View our Council Member Directory page.

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