Foodshed Fanfare – Karma Halleran of KS Perry Publishing

The Foodshed Fanfare series celebrates the many wonderful people who reside in the Central Kootenay and who quietly contribute so much to our region’s food systems.

We are pleased to feature Karma Halleran of KS Perry Publishing in our inaugural Foodshed Fanfare. Karma and her staff are the gifted crew behind many of our local prized publications, including the Pennywise, Go & Do, and our very own Farm & Food Directory.

In 2017, the Council approached Karma about partnering with us to create a self-funded regional farm and food directory. The enthusiastic and generous response was heartwarming, to say the least. Longtime Council members will remember the meeting in Silverton in November 2017 when we undertook a design process with Karma and her staff member, Rick, to collectively figure out what we wanted the look and feel of the Directory to be. Karma came with decades of experience and some great models and ideas. She and Rick listened carefully and well to the direction from Council members. The first Farm & Food Directory received rave reviews, as has each subsequent edition. The fourth edition of our Directory is currently in distribution across the Central Kootenay and beyond. Thanks to the genius of another key collaborator and Council member, Shauna Fidler, we again have a beautiful and eye-catching cover that will draw locals to discover the abundance of food providers captured inside.

The Directory provides a free platform for area farmers and food producers to let others know about their food and how to get it. The stories behind our food help us to have a deeper appreciation for those whose hard work brought us that food. The story behind the Directory you may soon be holding in your hands will hopefully inspire greater appreciation for those who work so hard to get information in front of our eyes. Without the generous and professional contributions of Karma and her team, we would not have such a great tool for understanding and celebrating our foodshed. Thank you, Karma!! 

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