Welcoming our New Council Members

One of the driving motivations behind the creation of the Food Policy Council was the need to better connect those working on food in the Central Kootenay so that we could more readily collaborate and support each other. With each Annual General Meeting, we welcome new members who bring more nuance, new locations in the Central Kootenay, and opportunities for working together.

This year, we welcomed four new members, each of whom is deeply involved in fostering a strong, resilient Central Kootenay foodshed: Anneke Rosch, Nyree Marsh, Rachael Roussin, and Valerie Cowan. Long before they became official members of the Council, Rachael and Nyree were collaborating with the Council, most recently through the COVID-19 Roundtables that we ran from March 2020 to May 2021. Anneke jumped into supporting the distribution of the 2021 Directory in the Nelson area. And Valerie drew on the expertise of the Council’s Executive Director to refine a project concept that, if funded, would help to strengthen livestock farming in the Lardeau Valley. 

If you have ideas for collaboration, are in need of a letter of support or advice related to food systems, please reach out to the Council or to any Council member. Together we can achieve so much more!

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