2021 Basin Food & Buyer’s Expo

The Central Kootenay Food Policy Council was honoured to have been a part of the annual Basin Food & Buyer’s Expo on April 9, 2021.  This virtual event brought together food producers, processors and food buyers in the Columbia Basin and provided opportunities for learning, sharing and networking as well as the celebration of local food.

Thank you to the Columbia Basin Trust for supporting and presenting this important annual event. Even organizers Shauna Fidler & Damon Chouinard did an amazing job of organizing and convening this event, which was a vibrant celebration of the passionate and talented people behind our vital local food system.

CKFPC Executive Director Abra Brynne kicked off the event as the keynote speaker. Her presentation “Relocalizing our Food Systems: it’s complicated” touched on the challenges and opportunities in 2021 for relocalizing our food systems. She drew on a lifetime of experience participating in the food system in diverse ways to explore the complex policy and food systems landscapes that hinder or catalyze our vision for a healthy, resilient and just food system in the Columbia Basin.  You can watch a video of Abra’s presentation below or on Vimeo.

In her presentation, she shared the Relocalize Food Action Grid. This table listed a range of actions that different actors can do that are key to relocalizing our food system. Modelling proactive measures to relocalize our food system and mentoring others to do the same will help to foster a healthy, resilient and just food system in the Columbia Basin and was a key takeaway from Abra’s dynamic presentation.

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