New Community Food Centre in the North Slocan Valley

The Silverton Co-work Society recently received close to $900,000 in funding to create a North Slocan Valley Community Food Centre in Silverton. The funding will support the creation of a community food centre that will have programs, resources and infrastructure that serve to strengthen community resilience and support the local food economy.

The funding comes through the provincial Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program (CERIP).  Additional funding has also been provided by FLNRORD Rural Community Development and The Village of Silverton.

According to the press release, plans include renovations to the building, bringing it up to current building code with COVID-19 ventilation requirements, and a space designed to be both functional and flexible. A commercial kitchen will be available to local food producers, caterers, and food-related home-based businesses. Space for food storage and a culinary tool library are included in the design, as are spaces large enough for educational programs, workshops, and potentially an indoor market or pop-up cafe

The food centre will be housed in the same building as the co-working space and will provide unique opportunities for cross-pollination and collaboration between the two initiatives that both focus on community programming and economic development.

“I love seeing this kind of tailored investment that is driven by what is truly needed in and will serve the local communities. This food hub will enhance the opportunities for skills development, production, and provide a venue for people to come together around food,” commented Food Policy Council Executive Director, Abra Brynne,  

The establishment of this community food centre would not have been possible without the hard work of local farmer and Council Member, Mick Wilson, whose efforts as a community member and vice-president of the SIlverton Co-work Society helped secure funding for this initiative.

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