World Soil Day

by Abra Brynne, Executive Director

Photo of a plant growing out of soil.

It is everywhere and pretty much always underfoot. Soil is foundational to so much life on earth and yet is so rarely appreciated for the wonder that it is and all it contributes. December 5th is World Soil Day, which provides an opportunity reflect on and celebrate soil.

According to the Soil Conservation Council of Canada, just one teaspoon of healthy soil contains more organisms than there are people on earth! That fact is mind boggling and points to the extreme complexity of this life underground. Increasingly, people are recognizing the role that healthy soils play in the battle to address the negative impacts of climate change.

Yet soils are under threat everywhere around the world. Soil erosion destroys ecosystems, undermines our ability to grow food, and lessens our ability to reverse the harms from climate change. Desertification is directly linked to poor soil health, the loss of soil organic matter, and climate change.

This December 5th, and every day, let’s honour, cherish and strive to protect and expand
healthy soils here and around the planet!

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